52 Week Photo Challenge

This year I stumbled upon a Facebook Group that offers a 52 week challenge to photographers.  When I say “stumbled upon” I mean that I found a Lifehacker post about it on Facebook.  This challenge, presented by Dogwood Photography, offers weekly themes for photographers to work their craft.  Participants submit one photo weekly based on the presented criteria.

The first week is something I’ve sort of done in the past.  The challenge asks photographers to compose a self portrait that tells who you are without actually showing your face.  When taking classes, I did something similar to this, but not for myself.  I can’t wait to jump in and do this.  I’ve got some ideas rolling around in my head already.

I feel like I’ve drifted away from the craft this year.  I hope being involved with this will renew my drive to see the world in unique ways.  If this challenge interests you, I recommend checking it out.  The full list of weekly challenges can be found here.   The Facebook Group with the rules can be found here.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Mit Liebe Pet Expo 2018

We took some photos at the Mit Liebe Family Pet Expo this past weekend.  Congrats to Mit Liebe on 20 years of finding homes for German Shepherds.  I know there’s a four legged boy sitting on the couch next to me that very much appreciates everything you do.

We had to switch things up midway through the day due to some technical difficulties.  Thanks for your donations to Mit Liebe.  Here is the full album:  Mit Liebe Pet Expo Photos.

Here’s a few to look at now.

Houdini Loves Snow…and His Frisbee

Today in Green Bay, we got a tad more snow.  That reminded me that I never shared this collection of Houdini photos I shot several weeks ago.   He loves running around out in the country.  There’s snow.  There’s squirrels.  The best part for him is that he gets to run free without a leash.   Here are my favorites from that afternoon:




Family Holiday Photo Deal!

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