Acrylic Pour Paintings For Sale!

The following paintings are up for pre-sale to folks in the greater Green Bay area. A wider market will be available when I finish the Etsy page. Sizes and prices are included above each image. If interested, send me an email at or message me in any other way you know how. If you need a better look at anything, let me know.

#1 Orange Crush, 10×10″ acrylic pour painting (colors used: red, orange, white, gold) – $25

#2 “Oh Bloody Hell” – 10×10″ pour painting (colors used: black, red, white, gold) – $20

#3 “Sunday Haze” – 10×10″ acrylic pour painting (colors: green, blue, yellow, ) – $25

#4 “Silver Hawk” – 18×24″ pendulum pour painting (colors used: black, silver, gold, and a hint of red, on white). Click the photo for more detailed look. $75

#5 – “Frankly, Lisa”. – 18×24″ pendulum pour painting. (Colors: black, yellow, red, turquoise, orange, violet, green) Click the photo for more detailed look. – $75

#6 – “Whoa, This is Some Good Stuff, Man” = 16×20″ acrylic pour painting. (Colors: turquoise, white, orange, yellow, magenta, purple) – $50

Reach out to me if you have any interest or questions.

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