Week 11 Challenge: Fill the Frame

This was the official description of the week 11 task from the Dogwood Photography Challenge page:

Using Fill the Frame is a great way to isolate your subject and create interest in your photo. Can you do it with only one color in the frame? Fill the Frame with one color.

That can be interpreted in many ways, which are all correct.  The beauty of these challenges is that you can make of them whatever comes to mind.  I wasn’t entirely sure of where to go with this, so I settled with this shot of a globe I recently purchased.  The light gave it all a similar hue and I think it is filling the frame for the most part.

Week 11.jpg

Week 10 Challenge: Hometown

For this week of the challenge we were tasked with telling a story about your hometown.  I almost drove back to the town I grew up in called Valders, Wisconsin.  Instead, I decided to find something inherent to my new hometown, Green Bay.  What is my new hometown known for?  Word titles!  That’s why it is Titletown USA!

Now I really liked this one:


But this one is my submission because it is unique, beautiful, and to the point:


Inspiration: Mood (Week 9 Photo Challenge)

Not much to explain on this one.  It’s an image I captured while on a drive in Door County.  It perfectly captures the isolation, abandonment, and loneliness I have been feeling lately.   This is one of the best photos I’ve taken in quite some time.   It’s a stark difference from the last Inspiration challenge.

Week 9

Week 8 Challenge: Leading Lines

I’ve been trying very hard to actually get out and shoot some photos during the golden hour.  A couple of weekends ago, I did just that by visiting Voyageur Park in De Pere an hour or so before sunset.  Voyageur Park has many opportunities for great photography.  There’s a river.  There’s running trails.  Oh and there’s a cool bridge too.   There are also docks to fish off of and a real cool observation area where you can watch the locks, dam, and pelicans.  You just need to go there to check it out.

With that said, here’s the photo I settled on for this challenge.  It has leading lines that take you right to a beautiful sunset.   Check it out and let me know what you think.

Week 8

I posted this with my goal of completing the Dogwood Photography 52 Week Challenge.   If you go back through other posts, you’ll see my prior selections.

Week 7 Challenge- Storing Telling: Love Story

I’m super behind on this 2019 photo challenge.  I recently bought a new Canon 6D Mark II, so I am hoping to play catchup.  I’ll get caught up eventually.   We will continue with week 7 (which should have been February).

The theme was “Love Story”.   It could mean many different things.  It could have been very easy to go about and get this shot.  Then again, when one’s personal life makes you question the concept of love altogether, it becomes a bit more difficult.  I’m not saying that love is an empty sham, but I might be leaning that way.

Cynicism aside, here’s the shot I settled on.  I took at at the De Pere lock riverwalk thingy.   It’s more or less a pier that has a shit ton of locks on it representing love.  This is a tradition that people do all over the world.  It’s a matter os symbolism.  They often write their names on it.  Note how there’s a real big one rusting away.  Yeah, that’s symbolism for you!


The next pics should related to leading lines.  Let’s hope I get there…

If you are curious as to where I am getting these, check out the 2019 Dogwood Photography Challenge.

Inspiration: #NoFilter (Week 6 Challenge)

We are plugging along to week 5.  This week’s challenge, as part of the Dogwood 52, was to get a shot that you didn’t do any photoshop to other than standard exposure adjustments.  This week’s subject was not my faithful buddy, Houdini.  It was actually my other puppy buddy, Asher.  He spent a day with me last month and I got some good shots of him specifically for this challenge.  So, here are a couple of those:

Those are all cute.  They are all serviceable.  I particularly do like the one with his little bugger of a snout in focus.  They all display his personality.  However, I liked one a bit better.  Not because these aren’t great.  I liked my selection better because it was more in focus and the natural light show’s Ash Monster’s redish fur a bit better.  Here it is, my week 6 submission.


Story Telling: Warmth (Week 4 Challenge)

I am a little late getting this one posted.    Another somewhat busy week and the weather was so craptastic that it was hard to find the motivation to shoot.  However, this week was probably a better week for this challenge than I would have initially thought.

Lots of snow.  Plenty of chill.  Should be easy to show some kind of warmth in contrast to the winter.  The featured photo here isn’t the one I chose, but it is a damn good example of what I was thinking.  Here are a handful of the options I had for my official week 4 selection:

Now, the header footer and the hot cocoa photos are completely fine and dandy.  However, I set a personal side challenge for this week to submit a picture that didn’t directly or indirectly include my faithful sidekick, Houdini.  He’s a handsome German Shepherd and deserves to be featured as much as possible, but not this week for the sake of me trying to do something different.  That’s what you’ll see him in the top image of this post.  Well, you see his silhouette in the featured image.  It’s great and tells a story, but it isn’t the one I went with.  This however, is my submission:


Just nothing but me and the warmth of the fire on the coldest night of the year (-50ish with the windchill).  It is simple, to the point, and should make you feel the warmth through your screen.   Let me know what you think of any of these.

Last week was a black and white photo of inspiration.

The week before that was a motion shot.