Week 7 Challenge- Storing Telling: Love Story

I’m super behind on this 2019 photo challenge.  I recently bought a new Canon 6D Mark II, so I am hoping to play catchup.  I’ll get caught up eventually.   We will continue with week 7 (which should have been February).

The theme was “Love Story”.   It could mean many different things.  It could have been very easy to go about and get this shot.  Then again, when one’s personal life makes you question the concept of love altogether, it becomes a bit more difficult.  I’m not saying that love is an empty sham, but I might be leaning that way.

Cynicism aside, here’s the shot I settled on.  I took at at the De Pere lock riverwalk thingy.   It’s more or less a pier that has a shit ton of locks on it representing love.  This is a tradition that people do all over the world.  It’s a matter os symbolism.  They often write their names on it.  Note how there’s a real big one rusting away.  Yeah, that’s symbolism for you!


The next pics should related to leading lines.  Let’s hope I get there…

If you are curious as to where I am getting these, check out the 2019 Dogwood Photography Challenge.

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