Hike at Fonferek Glen Falls

I took the day off and putzed around taking photos again today.  I didn’t plan on it.  The goal was to get some yard work done while the dog was at daycare.  Well, I changed my mind while I was driving home.  A few turns and 10 minutes later found me at Fonferek’s Glen County Park.

It’s not a secret spot by any means.  Nor is it busy this time of year while the kids are in  school.  It offers a waterfall, a rocky stream, and plenty of shit to climb.  It probably is too dangerous to go photograph alone.  Oh well.  I guess I’m a bad boy.

I hiked anywhere I could with a camera bag over my shoulder and a tripod in my hands.  That made it a bit difficult, but I still managed to get some shots.  The light wasn’t super beautiful or anything.  But hey, maybe I get bonus points for getting my feet wet and my pants muddy.

Here’s a blah one, but it still at least captures the moving water:


Here’s some pretty water and greenery.   Is greenery a word?


And finally here’s one with 3 exposures bracketed into an HDR.   I think it’s pretty spiffy.  As you can see, I was all around that waterfall today.   I almost took a fall crossing the stream.  Oops.  Oh well, I still got a damn good shot out of it.


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